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10 Apr 19

Good 'aye was good to see you in the pics, it's been a long time...all is good with us mate... I've actually missed talking bullshit with you and I hope life is good for you and your family. You never know I might show up for a drink one I said all is were a brother and I know shit happens at times as well as anyone. Take care. Gilso

15 Mar 19

Bug fixed.

Brothers in Arms
28 Feb 18

why do you contradict yourselves when it comes to membership and the wearing of the colours ? there were good men in the 1973-1998 period that defended this country, but never seen action what makes them any different ? it feels like we are left behind 2010 a change was made, 2018 time for a change lads no 22 crew not second rate diggers...but you make them feel that way..............


We fully acknowledge and appreciate the sacrifice that ALL service members make, including the fact that at any time they could be placed in harms way whilst defending Australia or her interests.

The term 'Veteran' has several connotations. Service, Combat and War are but a few. You have answered your own question, "what makes them any different?" is the fact that they have "never seen action" or as the Governor General deems, 'warlike service'.

General or long service in the ADF may well constitute eligibility in the future, however it is not what the Club was founded upon, nor is it currently applicable to full membership.

To correct a contradiction in your post - the sailors, "diggers", airmen and civilians that comprise the membership of 22 Crew are "not second rate". Their members fully participate and enjoy VMC rides, functions and camaraderie. Given the fact that they have chosen 22 Crew over other military or social motorcycle clubs, one wonders if you know how they feel?

26 Feb 18
Gidday all, can anyone tell me how to find the song written by a S.A. Vietnam Veteran and poet, 'How It Was' I think is the title. I am hoping to play it at the upcoming NAGM in Tassie. I was blown away when I first heard it a year ago and I reckon others would appreciate it. Also anyone wanting any info about the NAGM, you are welcome to ring me. Baz VV+VMC Tasmania. 0439634717.

22 Dec 17

The guestbook has been re-set and is now working again. The problem was database related with corruption of older posts. If your entry was deleted please re-enter. Thanks.

05 May 15

Congratulations on 10,000 website hits.

Mark Tucker
25 Feb 15

Great site, well set out and presented. Looking forward to 10 MAR 15, and a good time with my BIA. RESPECT.

15 Dec 14

Good site.
Regards from Spain bros.
Veterans MC España