Full Patch Membership is open to veterans who have served in an overseas conflict, and have been awarded the relevant medals and awards. Be warned, we conduct a very thorough investigation into claims of being a Veteran..



Chapter membership is not an entitlement just because you are a veteran. A period of getting to know current members is obligatory. If you are fully accepted over time, WE may ask if you want to apply for membership. Once membership is proposed, you will need to earn it by demonstrating Respect, Loyalty, Honesty and Commitment over a probationary period of not less than 12 months.
Applicants for membership must own, and hold appropriate the license for, a registered Chapter approved motorcycle of over 500cc.


Veterans MC South Australian Chapter now offers social participation in the form of the 22 Crew membership. 22 Crew activities include the majority of VMC SA Chapter rides, social functions and fundraising events.
22 Crew


Non-veterans and general members of the public who wish to support the Club but do not meet, or cannot fully maintain, the strict membership requirements of the Veterans MC are welcome to enquire.